Does Time Of Day Matter For Ice Fishing?

Catching a Northern Pike Ice Fishing

Ice fishing has plenty of risks and complications you should consider. One of those complications is the time of day you decide to fish. The time impacts your temperature and visibility, but does time of day matter for ice fishing?

The best time to go ice fishing is based on the fish’s schedule. For example, the ideal time to catch fish is around sunrise and sunset. For ice fishing, it’s the same. To receive the best results, go ice fishing within the first few hours after sunrise and no more than two hours before and after sunset.

The rest of this article will cover the best time to go ice fishing and the best weather to fish in.

A northern pike caught on a tip up.

The Best Time To Go Ice Fishing

Does the time of day matter for ice fishing? Yes, it does. Time of day impacts the sleep and feeding schedule of the fish. Think of it this way: if you find the time of day when the fish are looking for food, you’re more likely to catch the fish, and there’s also going to be more fish available.

That’s why time of day is so important when ice fishing. It can be difficult to tell when you should go, so think of sunrise and sunset to simplify it. During a sunset, life underwater comes alive, leading to more activity and feeding.

During sunsets, the food begins to sink to the bottom. Both the sunrises and sunsets have an abundance of food. That’s why fishers prefer to observe the feeding times so they’ll catch the most fish.

The Best Weather for Ice Fishing

Weather and time are two important factors to consider. If the weather becomes high pressure, then the feeding frenzy dials down no matter what time you go. Like time, you should monitor the weather to improve your chances of getting the best results.

The main factor to consider is the air pressure. The higher the air pressure, the worse your results will be. This is why you should go on days with low air pressure, which often comes right before bad weather. If you see barometric pressure dropping, that’s your chance.

What is Ice Fishing?

Ice fishing is a practice fishers do to catch fish while on ice. They do this by having an open hole in the ice, fish hooks, or sometimes spears. Ice fisherman fishg many different ways depending on their location.

Plenty of ice fishers can fish indoors. They can set up a tent, shelter, or camp and have an opening on the ground where the ice is exposed. From there, they can set up heaters and get blankets so they can fish from the comfort of a enclosed structure.

Alternatively, ice fishing anglers can sit outside and fish from there. It doesn’t matter which way you choose to ice fish since both will provide solid results. It boils down to personal preference and if you’d prefer to set up camp or stay outside.

Fishing equipment is also important when ice fishing. There are items like ice saws and ice augers that help get past the thick ice. However, in a scenario where these tools aren’t accessible, fishermen will use axes to create the holes.


The time of day is a vital factor in ice fishing. It can make the difference between catching fish while ice fishing and not. Although you can receive amazing results no matter the time, the more carefully you select your plans, the more likely you will succeed. Weather is another factor in ice fishing that you should consider.

The best times of day to go ice fishing is the first few hours after sunrise and or no more than two hours before or after sunset. This is because these times are the best for feeding. Fish will travel through the waters more since it’s their ideal feeding hours.

Weather is yet another factor that goes into ice fishing. Although not as important as the time of day, weather is still important and should be considered. You should avoid days with high air pressure. The higher the air pressure, the worse your results will turn out.