Best Beginners’ Catfish Gear

The catfish is often one of the prized catches for any angler, though catching one of these big fish is easier said than done. With catfish, the best beginners’ catfish gear doesn’t involve a lot of bells and whistles. The best catfish tackle setup consists of a few key components.

The specific gear you will need to successfully fish for catfish will depend on the species of catfish in the area. However, some essentials usually work for any kind of catfish. Too much choice and incorrectly marketed products can cost you way too much money that doesn’t lead to any catfish. 

These essentials can help you build a small but effective tackle box that’ll serve you well as you’re on your way to becoming an expert catfisher. 

Large Catfish caught on beginners catfish gear

Fishing Line 

Your fishing line choice is an important one because catfish can be heavy. The last thing you want is your line to snap as you’re reeling in a great catch. A trusty monofilament fishing line can withstand the weight of a big catch as you’re reeling it in. 

Even better is one with high visibility, as they make it easier for you to see where your line is under the water. A fishing rod of quality construction is ideal for fishing for catfish, as a flimsy rod may buckle under pressure as well. 

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The choices for tackle and all its accompaniments can be overwhelming, especially when you’re just starting to learn how to fish. Regarding fishing for catfish, you need a few key components for the tackle.

Trophy catfish tackle will usually be larger-sized tackle. Below is a list of great starter kits for catfish fishing.

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The Best Catfish Bait

You have a few options for bait to lure in your desired catch. Stink baits work well with catfish since they’re cheesy and delicious to these fish. They come in different flavors and consistency.

We recommend you read our article, The Ultimate Guide to the Best Catfish Bait, which overviews the different types of bait available for catfish fisherman and how effective they at catching catfish.

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You’ll need to opt for sharp hooks to get a good handle on a catfish. They have thick mouths, and a hook that is too small or too dull will not be able to keep a catfish on your line for very long. Treble hooks are a good option for many species of catfish, and they come in various sizes. 

Kahle hooks are another good option for many catfish, such as channel catfish, often found throughout the United States. For big catfish like blue catfish, a circle hook will be your best bet to get a secure hold. 

It’s a good idea to throw some needle nose pliers in your tackle box or a bag because getting these hooks out of a catfish’s mouth can be very difficult. 

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Catfish Rigs

If you want to set up a catfish rig, there are a few necessary items in your arsenal to set up the best rig. You’ll need to have some swivels, and either a ball-bearing swivel or a barrel swivel is best. A sinker slide is also recommended since you can change the weight easily without having to set everything up again. 

It’s also advised to have foam peg floats in your tackle box, as this help keep the bait in the appropriate position to lure in catfish. Having some sinker bumpers in your tackle box just in case you’re fishing in some currents is also suggested to avoid having your line break. 

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Where To Shop 

Fishing can be an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be. Shops like Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops are great for hosting deals and sales where you can stock up on gear occasionally. We’ve found that Amazon has some of the best deals for catfish gear. If you’re a fan of online shopping, Amazon is also a great place to find deals on large quantities of gear. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, the best beginners’ catfish gear doesn’t require you to have a lot of specialized equipment. There are just a few key components of a tackle box that many fishing experts have tested out and found to be the most effective for successfully catching this fish species. 

With these few essentials, you’re likely to reel in your first catfish and continue to build your success rate.