The Best Ice Fishing Boots of 2022 – Review the Top 5 Boots on the Market

The Best Ice Fishing Boots

Ice fishing boots need to be waterproof, comfortable, and warm. This article discusses different options for ice fishing boots, including renowned brands such as Merrell, Muck Boots, and more.

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Our Pick: Merrell’s Zip Polar Waterproof Snow Boot

Merrell’s Zip Polar Snow Boots offer a comfortable solution in a rugged form. These are close-fitting ankle boots (allowing for more flexibility when kneeling) with a stellar reputation and hours of proven outdoor wear by other outdoor enthusiasts.

Their seam-sealed construction allows for breathability. They are waterproof with a protective rubber toe cap. Their fleece lining provides additional insulation while remaining lightweight. Merrell’s Zip Polar Snow Boots also have patented technology, the Vibram® Arctic Grip™, which provides traction in all conditions (very helpful while fishing on the ice).

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Runner Up: Muck Boot’s Artic Pro Snow Boot

Muck’s Artic Pro Snow Boot is one of the warmest boots on the market, making it a perfect candidate for the best ice fishing boot. It has a 2mm foam layer under the footbed, creating an extra protection layer between you and the ice.

These are 100% waterproof, which you would expect from a neoprene boot, with a higher length than most alternatives. The only issue we have with this ice fishing boot is the breathability. Due to its neoprene structure, the Muck Boot’s Artic Pro Snow Boot traps moisture over time which causes sweating and eventual discomfort.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing Ice Fishing Boots

Average Temperature

What is the temperature where you will be fishing? Are you leaving early in the morning to get on the ice pre-dawn? If so, consider how cold it will be because a good quality pair of boots can make all the difference.

Also, the average temperature when ice fishing can feel different when there is a wind chill. Open exposure while fishing on the ice with no cover can make a decent temperature much colder.

Sitting & Kneeling

What is your ice fishing style? Do you sit on a seat or cooler? Are you often kneeling? Take these questions into consideration when choosing a pair of ice fishing boots.

A great boot will be able to bend and flex while retaining warmth. Flexibility in an ice fishing boot is an important factor.

How Long Will You Be Fishing?

Will you be ice fishing in the morning? How long will you be staying afterward? Some anglers stay the whole day on the ice, which requires special consideration when choosing ice fishing boots.

Plan out this season’s ice fishing gear by thinking about these different aspects of the experience. Also, pack a pair of extra socks (or two) just in case your feet sweat or get wet.


Sometimes the ice turns to slush throughout the ice fishing season. If that’s the case, make sure the pair of boots you choose are 100% waterproof. Slush easily seeps into boot fabric that is not waterproof, cutting your fishing day short.